Manjaro Strit 16.06

Changes from 16.03 to 16.06 include:

  • Added Vertex-Maia-Dark theme
  • Added Vertex-Maia icon theme
  • Added Maia xcursor theme
  • Added gnome-keyring package to fix WiFi password prompt
  • Added Mugshot for profile picture management
  • Added SMPlayer
  • Added Kdenlive
  • Added OpenVPN support to NetworkManager
  • Switched to QT5 version of Mumble
  • Switched griffith to griffith-pdffix
  • Included Thus installer back in, for encryption support
  • Included manjaro-strit-keyring package with the keys needed for the Manjaro Strit repository
  • Now using signatures for all packages in the Manjaro Strit repository (except the keyring)
  • Removed Menda-Themes Dark
  • Removed Menda-Circle-Icon-Theme
  • Removed Menda xcursor theme
  • Removed VLC
  • Removed Openshot
  • Removed Modem Manager (if you need mobile broadband support, install it)
  • Re-added base-devel package group in the full version
  • Updated packages from Manjaro on 06-06-2016


Known Issues:

  • Manjaro-Strit keys are not getting signed on fresh install. Temp. fix is to re-install ‘manjaro-strit-keyring’.

The minimal edition got the same changes, except for the base-devel (which is still not installed on minimal). I will be focusing more on the minimal edition going forward and maintain a Meta package that will install all the software to get a full Manjaro Strit instead.

Still debating with myself, whether or not I should continue to do both Full and Minimal or just do a Minimal, where you can install the meta package if you need it. This will reduce the ISO size significantly and also reduce the amount of ISO’s and torrents being made, which means less maintainance required.

The Meta package “manjaro-strit-desktop” will be installing the entire software suite from the Full edition, as dependecies for it. When ever software gets added or removed, the meta package will get updates.