Manjaro Strit 16.09!

Quick rundown of changes from 16.06 to 16.09:

  • Added more codec support
  • Added Bluetooth Audio support
  • Added Gnome Logs (log viewer)
  • Only minimal ISO’s are available this time. Known is regular Manjaro Strit going forward.
  • A build server is now building all the Manjaro Strit specific software not in Manjaro repo’s.
  • Toying around with a KDE edition. Themes is not set, else it works.

Changing to manjaro Strit Desktop meta package:

  • Removed icaclient
  • Removed makemkv
  • Added back ownCloud Client


Known Issues:

  • QT applications have the Fusion look, with Dejavu Font at size 12. This should be changed using qt5ct as both user and with sudo, and selecting gtk2 theme and Cantarell size 10 font.